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Marin Goju Karate-Do

6 School Street, #160 Fairfax, CA 94930 Phone: 415-747-8598 Website:

Marin Goju Karate Do is located in the School Street Plaza (across from First Federal Savings). They practice a traditional Goju Kai training program, and offer classes for kids and adults of all physical levels. Class begins with approx. 25 minutes of exercises designed to lubricate the joints, promote blood flow, and flexibility. Concluding warm ups, practice moves into Kihon training where basic movements are isolated with the goal of repetition to increase muscle memory, speed and precision. From the stationary exercises, they challenge basic movements with footwork found in Kihon Ido. After completion of Kihon Ido, class moves to Kata practice or Kumite training. The study of Goju Ryu will create a stronger, healthier, connected individual all through the training of basic movements. Like day to day life, traditional Goju attempts to find the extraordinary in the disciplined practice of the basics. It’s this dedication that can lead us to our ultimate goal of true character development.