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Egger Family-Historic Cazadero wine grape growing roots from the 1920s and the Fairfax connection.

Eugene Egger, grandfather of Cazadero Winery Founder & Fairfax resident Frank Egger,  immigrated to San Francisco from Bolzano, Northern Italy at the turn of the century. Frank’s grandmother Anna’s family, from Merano, Alto Adige, grew grapes in the old country. The Egger family traveled from San Francisco to Cazadero by ferry to Sausalito & then by train thru Fairfax in the teens and in 1920 planted a vineyard on their Cazadero property up on Blue Jay in the Ward Creek drainage. Cazadero Winery started producing their all natural wines in 2008 and the first vintages were on grocery shelves in 2012. They have won 41 Gold & Silver Medals in the past 5 years. Cazadero Chardonnays and Cabernet Sauvignons are available at Good Earth, 123 Bolinas, Deer Park Villa and Meadow Club.