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Buchholz Landscaping Company, Inc

PO Box 1193 Fairfax, CA 94978 Phone: 415 - 259-0325 Website: gardenbuilders.com

Buchholz Landscaping Company is located in Fairfax, California. Home of the mountain bike and numerous outdoor activities. Building great landscapes and caring for gardens is our passion, providing exceptional service is intrinsic and natural as the habitats we create.

Sustainable Landscape Design and Construction practices are present and helping to shape the future of our earth. Bio swales, rainwater harvesting, grey water, ET or Evapotranspiration are the new buzzwords. Native and Mediterranean plants are attracting all the attention – of beneficial insects that is. Composting – sheet, worm, and bin composting are providing ways to help build healthy soil and simultaneously – keeping landfills empty.

These are just some of the sustainable practices that are becoming familiar.